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Growing up on the streets of Athens, a memory always brings back a smile. The traveling smell of a local grill house cooking souvlakia, penetrates our very being through the open windows along with the summer breeze.

Countless fights with mothers and grandmothers to let us eat one for dinner or on the way back from school rather than what they had prepared. To this day, I don’t think we wanted to eat them because of the taste, but because of the ritual.

This and many more stories of a youth spent on the street of Athens, brought us together out of nowhere, like the secret oath of a revolution that no one knew was about to begin.


Our Manifesto is rather simple, we aim to approach food with a combination of humor, significance, and nostalgia. Inevitably thinking back to the street food we were raised on.

Souvlaqueria was born through the ambers of Sunday BBQ sweet with the aroma of fire pits drizzled with lemon and oregano. Souvlaki is a word that invokes Greece as much as the Acropolis, the Parthenon, Democracy, Olympus, and Feta.

We offer a taste of tradition straight from the streets of Greece to the Streets of America. We envision a store that will serve as the stage for the celebration of Greek street food and the culinary revolution that made it a global contestant. A Greek food revolution that’s been centuries in the making. That goes beyond the safety of the outdated, the poorly executed, and the misunderstood.

Our mission is simply to re-enact traditional, street-eating rituals in a fresh, forthright way, as they were meant to be, with respect to nature yet with healthy & mouthwatering simplicity.